Tuesday, March 06, 2001

It warms my heart to know that, when given the opportunity, my beloved wife stoops to making boy-part jokes to amuse her loved ones. And it warms my heart that those loved ones still laugh heartily at juvenile humor. Maybe this is the Thompson legacy. I'd always hoped for a great band or a well received text, the reputation of being a great teacher, or for Galadriel to produce a groundbreaking piece of art. Maybe my family is simply meant to go down in history for our ability to instantly pickle off an ever-so-slightly off-colored joke, then say "What?? Oh.. you thought I meant... come on man, grow up, that's just gross!!"

*By the way, the word of the week is Lame-O. eg, when Anthony walked up to that girl in the bar and asked her if she was a model, that was Lame-O

*Whereas Levi tossing care to the wind by going ahead and growing out some monster anti-goat Wolverine chops would definitely not be Lame-O